OTA was formed with a singular focus: to bridge the gap between operations and technology to enable mission success. We deploy world-class software and hardware infrastructure to that end.

World-Class Cybersecurity Solutions

Ops Tech Alliance has developed an industry leading Internet communications platform built to protect you and your company’s personal and sensitive information. We deliver superior confidentiality for clients demanding private, secure, and anonymized communications through the internet and across the globe using our unique software and hardware infrastructure.

Our solutions use a custom multi node Secured Cascading Tunnel (SCT) that goes beyond the protection and privacy offered by typical Virtual Private Network (VPN) suites to offer true military grade encryption.

Why Do You Need OpsNet?
     Protect Your Data    

We understand the threat —
because we were the threat.

From targeting bad actors, organized criminals, or cyber intrusion and corporate espionage, OTA brings a unique perspective into obfuscation techniques and attribution management.  Our professional security solutions will prevent malicious intrusions and theft of intellectual property.
We stop website trackers and identity crawlers from:
  • gathering your information to create a cross-site profile
  • analyzing your web usage behavior
  • blocking access to or altering content
We prevent malicious actors from:
  • identifying you based on your information
  • tracking your location
  • delivering malicious payloads to infect your infrastructure and steal your data

OpsNet Enterprise Solution (OES)
     Infrastructure Solutions    
OpsNet™ Enterprise Solution combines custom software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure to deliver superior attribution management for our clients’ online activities.  This highly customizable tool suite meets the most demanding requirements for Internet safety, identity protection and management, source obfuscation, and privacy for our customer’s sensitive data.  From short-term business travel, to continued research efforts and investigations, OES can provide tailored protection for small to large organizations to add peace of mind to your routine or specialized operations.
OpsNet™ Cloud Infrastructure provides the backbone of OES by creating a multi-hop Secured Cascading Tunnel (SCT) using military grade encryption to deliver unmatched confidentiality and misattribution for our clients’ communications.
Cimmerian™ is an intuitive desktop application that provides dynamic route selection and Secured Cascading Tunnel (SCT) management for any web traffic through the OpsNet™ Cloud Infrastructure.
Catfish™ is a sandboxed remote web browser providing integrated security tools that can be tailored to the needs of the specific user.
Afterburner™ is a highly secure two-factor authentication solution that minimizes the attack surface for login protocols. It’s also easy to implement and use.
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