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“The group you call when integration of Operations and Technology are critical to your success”

Why Choose Us?

  • Technical Superiority
    Ops Tech Alliance (OTA) was formed with a singular focus: to bridge the gap between operations and technology in order to enable mission success. Every aspect of modern intelligence operations requires advanced technical expertise, and with our expertise you will be able to adapt and succeed in the ever-changing operational tempo of global cyber intelligence.
  • Trusted Experience
    In the rapidly shifting arena of cyber intelligence, mission success depends upon maintaining a technological advantage. OTA, created by former Special Operations Forces professionals with over 28 years of operational experience, can provide that advantage.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Whether it's mission planning, logistics, or execution, OTA provides advanced support, resources, and training to bring your team to mission readiness. We only provide hand-picked, highly specialized professionals, so whatever your operational need, OTA will enable you to successfully complete your mission.
  • Rapid Integration
    We maintain strategic alliances with companies in the security, intelligence, and cyber operations fields in order to quickly and efficiently provide you with the highest quality solutions. OTA is a certified 8(a) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

    Cage Code: 6RK83
    DUNS: 078483731

Bridge the gap


When mission success is your only option

Advanced Technical Intelligence Ops

We thrive in an environment of operational complexity and we have the operational experience, technical expertise, and situational agility necessary to help you achieve mission success in the most complex of operational environments.

Tailored Staff Support

Our hand-picked and highly specialized professionals will complement your specific mission and staffing needs. We also provide our stringent selection techniques as a service to enhance your own internal personnel screening and assessment process.

Specialized Training & Exercise Development

Whether your operators need to perform their duties from strategic support operations levels or close/tactical operations in denied areas, we provide tailored training and exercises using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to prepare them for realistic operational scenarios.

Mission Development And Management

Our expertise in mission planning and support stems from our extensive Special Operations background in successfully planning and conducting intelligence missions worldwide.

Global Logistics

The planet continues to shrink as it becomes increasingly interconnected, and we can help you adapt to the changing environment by providing support for missions across the globe, including acquisitions, transportation, and language support.

Tactical Engineering

Technical precision and agility are vital to maintaining an operational advantage. We offer operational and environmental testing and integration as well as development of customized equipment packages tailored to your specifications.

Prepare Your Force


Ops Tech Cyber Certification & Consulting


We created OTC3 with the same goal on which we were founded—to bridge the gap between operations and technology—and to give your cyber professionals the experience and knowledge they need to fulfill their purpose.


Our instructors are hand-picked by OTA’s executive management team, not only for their clarity and knowledge but more importantly for their experience. With our tailored and hands-on approach, you will attain practical knowledge borne from years of invaluable experience.


At the heart of cybersecurity lies the concept of trust. It drives every aspect of the digital world, and we know it is vital for you to trust in your data and the safeguards protecting it. Our courses ensure that your cyber professionals maintain peak proficiency, and our discretion ensures that your intellectual property remains protected.


We offer a wide variety of courses so you can hone in on the training you need for your particular mission. Our list of focus areas cover many community standards and certifications (including DoD Directive 8570) as well as unique, proprietary, and mission-related training.


The cyber field is enormously diverse, and cyber professionals are constantly tasked with learning new concepts. We offer training as in-depth as you require, from beginner to highly advanced, in order to maximize the benefit to your workforce.


We offer certifications across a wide range of technical and logistical fields including Architecture and Design, Management, Auditing, Operations, Wireless Hacking, Enterprise Security, and Offensive Cybersecurity.

Join The Alliance


Be the difference. Be the Alliance.

Ops Tech Alliance is seeking skilled professionals of the highest caliber to support uniquely difficult operational environments. Our clients count on us to be the difference maker; to provide unique solutions and deliver successful outcomes for their most challenging missions.

We are committed to the absolute success of our clients and so we take pride in selecting only the best, most qualified personnel to join our ranks. And because our organization is comprised of professionals at the top of their field, we reward our talented team by offering an exceptional compensation package with competitive benefits.

Sharp.  Aggressive.  Experienced.  Creative.  Detailed.  Trusted.

These attributes describe our ideal candidate. If you think you have what it takes to join Ops Tech Alliance, and you're looking for a career where the challenge inspires you to achieve even more, then follow the links below and begin your journey today!

OTA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against employees or applicants based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

Enable your mission


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